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Number Plate Sellers See Red Over Hsrp Rule, Say It Favours Only A Few | Bengaluru News – Times of India

BENGALURU: The transport department’s notification making it mandatory for old vehicles purchased before April 1, 2019 to install high security registration plates (HSRP) hasn’t gone down well with conventional vehicle number plate manufacturers and sellers in the state.
They alleged that the department has handed over Rs 1,200-crore worth business to a “select few” HSRP manufacturers located outside the state.
Akhila Karnataka Vehicle Number Plates Manufacturers’ and Sellers’ Association on Tuesday said the notification has hit the business of over 25,000 manufacturers and sellers.
It also alleged that there is a huge difference between the production cost of HSRP and selling price, and the department has failed to protect the interest of most vehicle owners.
The department, however, rubbished the allegation, saying HSRP is a security requirement. It claimed that it has no role in the selection of manufacturers or in fixation of charges and is only going by the Centre’s guidelines.
S Satheesh, president of Akhila Karnataka Vehicle Number Plates Manufacturers’ and Sellers’ Association, said: “Thousands of families in the state are affected by the notification. We have no business at present. The department has issued the notification in a hurry just to favour a few HSRP manufacturers.”
Pointing out that the notification states that original equipment manufacturers or vehicle dealers will source the HSRP from those authorised by vehicle manufacturers only, he said: “This is contrary to the Central Motor Vehicles Act and Rules. They should allow us to tie up with HSRP makers so that we can also provide new number plates to customers. Allowing more HSRP manufacturers in the market will result in competitive pricing and benefit customers. Now, even two-wheeler owners are forced to spend close to Rs 500 and car owners anywhere around Rs 800. This is not fair.”
He added that allowing fitment of HSRP through conventional number plate manufacturers would help people of other districts and rural areas.
“At present, a few HSRP manufacturers are doing installation in city areas. Vehicle owners in rural areas are not able to purchase new HSRP. They are forced to contact vehicle dealers in city areas for installation of the new number plates.”

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