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Protesters Demand Re-employment Of 350 Ambulance Drivers | – Times of India

Guwahati: The All Assam Adarani Drivers’ Association staged a protest on Monday at the protest site in Chachal demanding re-employment of over 350 ambulance drivers across the state. The drivers had lost their jobs after the state government closed the ‘Adarani dropback service scheme’. The scheme was launched by the Assam government in 2012 to ensure safe conveyance of mother and her child after delivery from the hospitals back to their home.
Nurul Amin, general secretary of the association said the government closed the scheme in December 31, 2022 without any prior notice. “As the government suddenly closed the scheme we were left with no other options but to protest to safeguard our right to employment. Since January this year we are protesting but the government has not yet paid heed. On January 6, the managing director of the National Heath Mission, Assam met us. He said he would discuss the matter with the state health minister, however we have not heard back from them. Later in the month, we met state health minister Keshab Mahanta to discuss the matter. He too assured that we would be provided with the ambulances. Nine months have passed, but we are yet to get the ambulances. Since December last year we are leading an uncertain life.” said Amin.
“In 2012, the government promised to increase our salaries every year. However, for ten years, from 2012 to 2022 we have got only Rs 5,927 per month as salary, which is very less. Even with such less salary, we were working only with the hope that someday the government will make better arrangements for us, but now we have lost whatever we had.” Amin added.
The protesters asked the government to restart the ‘Adarani’ scheme at the earliest. They also demanded implemention of provident fund, gratuity and other schemes, which can provide them with social and financial security. They asserted that their work hour also should be determined according to the Labour Act and they should get ‘over time allowance’ for extra work.

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