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Siddhant Chaturvedi on learning acting chops in college | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Known for his work in films like Gully Boy and Gehraiyaan Siddhant Chaturvedi studied acting at a college in Mumbai. The actor fondly talks about his college days and gives credit to his alma mater for all the training he got there to hone his skills.
Remembering the days, he shares, “Our team has been the best team till date. We used to win at all the college and intercollegiate events.” He adds, “In theatre what happens is you tend to push freshers aside.Freshers are given work backstage. But that didn’t happen with me. The team actually took me in and in a span of three months I was doing a play! The experience was welcoming.”
Apart from the auditorium, Siddhant says that he and his batchmates would do impromptu gigs at public places too. He says, “We rehearsed at bus stops and railway stations. If the college was shut, we would get together outside on the streets and begin our performance. I remember how we just broke into a fight at Vile Parle railway station. People thought it was a real fight.” The actor concludes saying, “It’s this work culture that I come from and so I conduct myself that way. Like, I never try to steal the limelight. I understand how important it is to make a good film and a good show as it has to do with everybody… the technicians, people working backstage etc. Everybody is equally important. That experience made me realise that art is greater than the artiste.”

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