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10 Thefts, 1 Rape Every Day In City | Ahmedabad News – Times of India

AHMEDABAD: For the last two years there has been an average of 10 thefts, one rape and three crimes against women every day in the city.
Data tabled in the state assembly in reply to a question by Jamalpur MLA Imran Khedawala shows that there were 723 rape cases registered in the two years ended July 31, 2023. The data also showed that there were 7,387 thefts and 2,109 crimes against women (other than rape) in the same period.

The figures tabled also show that 14,092 people were accused of these crimes, of whom 265 are still at large.
Similarly in the Ahmedabad rural jurisdiction of 1,690 persons accused of crimes in this period, 78 have not been arrested.
Khedawala said his intention was to make it amply clear that crime was increasing, and the city and district are becoming increasingly unsafe. He said the government has been claiming that women are safe but the data paints a different picture.
He said the city reported 723 complaints of rape in these two years, including those of minor girls. He added that 4,556 women were subjected to molestation in the city in this period, while this number was 75 in the Ahmedabad rural jurisdiction.
A senior city police officer said the head ‘crime against women’ includes instances of harassment by in-laws and their family members and thus the figure seems to be on the higher side. He further said that the number of rape cases includes several cases of elopement, which are registered as kidnapping and rape.
The officer said there were 281 cases of kidnapping reported in the city in 2022, and this number was 231 in 2021. He said the majority of these cases involved the kidnapping of a minor between 15 and 17 years of age. All these are included in the head ‘crime against women’.

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