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Four Fake Scribes Extort Money From Cattle Rearer | – Times of India

Rajkot: Four people were booked for extorting money from a cattle breeder by posing as journalists and accusing him of selling liquor. The incident happened in Pipli village of Jamnagar’s Lalpur taluka on Wednesday. The cattle breeder Bhola Godani lodged a complaint against Pravin Parmar, Soma Maheshwari, Digvijay Jadeja and Munno Sindhav. They allegedly kidnapped him in a car, forced a bag of country liquor in his hands and recorded a video. They demanded Rs 10,000 for not alerting the police. tnn
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Brucellosis vax drive for cattle from today
Goa will be conducting a 30-day Brucellosis vaccination program for dairy animals starting on September 12. The program aims to eradicate the highly contagious and zoonotic disease, which can cause economic losses in milk production and reproduction. All cattle and female buffalo calves aged between four and eight months will be vaccinated, and post-vaccination, samples will be collected to assess the herd’s immune status. The vaccinated animals will also be tagged for identification. The department of animal husbandry and veterinary services has requested the cooperation of dairy farmers in this initiative.
Crowded cattle pound video sparks outrage
A distressing video of overcrowded cattle pounds in Ahmedabad has gone viral, sparking concerns about the welfare of stray cattle. The opposition has accused the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) of cruelty and demanded immediate action to improve conditions in the pounds. The AMC claims there is enough space to accommodate the cattle and that the animals were temporarily relocated while part of the pound was being cleaned. Over the past five months, only a small number of stray cattle have been implanted with RFID chips, despite numerous complaints and seizures by the AMC. The opposition is calling for a comprehensive audit of all AMC cattle pounds.
3 fake cops try to extort money from trader, 2 caught
Two individuals impersonating as police officers were apprehended in Ludhiana after a shopkeeper reported their attempt to extort money. The shopkeeper had previously been targeted by the imposters, who claimed to be compensating for a stolen mobile phone. They later accused the shopkeeper of possessing a stolen phone and demanded money to drop the charges. When the shopkeeper sought police assistance, a trap was set resulting in the arrest of two of the imposters. One of the culprits managed to escape and injured a woman and an ASI officer during their getaway.

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