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Monitor Lizard Mistaken For Baby Crocodile Sparks Panic | – Times of India

Thane: Panic struck in the Padwal Nagar area of Wagle estate recently after the residents mistook a stray monitor lizard that had accidentally entered from the neighbouring jungle to be a crocodile, officials informed. The incident was reported at around 12pm when the female lizard which is around four-month-old and is roughly 3.5feet long was found moving in a nearby drain by some of the residents. The residents mistook it to be a baby crocodile and paniced. Thereafter, they raised an alarm alerting others including the civic rescue officials who rushed to the site with animal welfare activists and forest officials. “The rescued reptile may have strayed out in the sun when it got spotted and was mistaken to be a baby crocodile. The area borders the jungle which has many monitor lizards but this is the first time we heard that it had strayed into a human settlement. The reptile underwent medical check-up and was later released into the wild,” informed Ashish Salunke, animal rescuer and member of NGO Wildlife Welfare Association. TNN
We also published the following articles recently

Eatery closed after lizard found in sambar
An eatery in Coimbatore district was ordered to close for a week after a customer found a lizard in their food parcel. Two people who ate the food became ill and vomited. The incident occurred when Abdul Haleem purchased dosa from Hotel Saravana and discovered the lizard in the sambar packet. The food safety officials inspected the eatery and shut it down until lab tests are conducted on the food samples.
12-foot-long crocodile greets morning walkers on VIP road
Residents in Vadodara, India were surprised to come across a 12-foot-long crocodile while out for a walk on Sunday morning. Volunteers from the Wildlife Rescue Trust were called to the scene and it took them about one and a half hours to rescue the crocodile. It is believed that the crocodile had come out of the nearby Vishwamitri river, which is home to around 280 crocodiles. During the monsoon season, the water level rises and many crocodiles venture out and migrate to other bodies of water.
Countrys only children crocodile fest turns bigger
Nearly 250 children from 17 primary schools in Anand and Kheda districts participated in the Children Croc Fest at Vaso village in Gujarat. The festival, organized by the Voluntary Nature Conservancy, aimed to teach children how to coexist with crocodiles. The event included games such as croc walk and crocs & ladders, as well as activities like making clay models of crocodiles. The festival takes place in an area with a high population of crocodiles, with the latest count revealing 303 crocodiles in the region.

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