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Abhimanyu Carries 600kg During Rehearsal | Mysuru News – Times of India

Mysuru: Fifty-seven-year-old Dasara jumbo Abhimanyu on Friday carried approximately 600 kg of dead weight on his back effortlessly and walked for about 5 km of Dasara procession route with ease. He covered the distance in one hour and ten minutes. He was accompanied by eight other elephants, including Arjuna, Varalakshmi, and Vijaya.
As part of Dasara procession rehearsals, the forest department authorities tested Abhimanyu’s strength in carrying the weight. Only half of the weight was put on him on the first day of training. The identified lead elephant has to carry a golden howdah on the back and walk the distance on Vijay Dashami, which this year is on October 24. According to officials, a total weight of the howdah and other things will be around 1,000 kg.
Conservator of forests, Mysuru circle, Malathi Priya told TOI that Abhimanyu carried the weight of around 600 kg smoothly from Mysuru Palace to Bannimantap grounds after passing through Albert Victor Road, KR Circle, Sayyajirao Road and Nelson Mandela Road.
Earlier, puja was conducted in the Palace premises before the elephants left for the practice. Since the Dasara celebration is expected to commence around 2pm, the elephants are being acclimatised to the temperature five weeks ahead of the procession.
Priya said that three elephants will be trained to carry the weight along with Abhimanyu. Dhananjaya, Bheema, and Gopi too will be tested. To start with, about 600 kgs of weight was put on Abhimanyu on Day One and over the days the weight will be gradually increased. Elephants will be trained to carry about 1,000 kg of weight.
Priya said that the second batch of five elephants would be welcomed on September 25. The health of all elephants participating in Dasara is good, she added.
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