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‘Centre will use IAF to destroy poppy fields if Manipur govt approaches it’ | Guwahati News – Times of India

GUWAHATI: The Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (Cocomi), an umbrella body of civil society organisations based in Imphal valley, has stated that defence minister Rajnath Singh assured a delegation of its representatives that the Centre would use IAF planes to destroy poppy fields in Manipur if the state government were to approach it for the same.
The Cocomi said a delegation of Delhi Meetei Co-ordinating Committee (DMCC) met the defence minister at his official residence in New Delhi on Thursday and briefed him about the “threat to national security by Kuki narco-terrorist as mentioned in the memorandum submitted by Cocomi.”
Sharing a long list of the threat of very serious issues such as leaking of sensitive information to foreign nations, “access to sensitive databases of the GoI like changing the address of Imphal airport to Lamka and changing the addresses of many Meitei Aadhaar cards and PMYJ cards to Kuki address”, Cocomi stated that “the requirement of immediate attention was requested from the defence minister. He was also requested for the destruction of poppies with aircraft of the IAF. The defence minister gave assurance that it will be done if government of Manipur approaches the Union government.”
The statement further said the DMCC delegation highlighted the “embarrassment of Bharat (India) due to memorandum submitted to the UN, and the Prime Minister of Israel for getting help in the formation of a separate state/separate administration, and the EU parliament on the Manipur issue by Kuki groups.”
The group said the delegation also highlighted the letter written to the Editors’ Guild of India by the Army’s 3rd Corps (information warfare cell), video released of “demystifying of peaceful blockade led by women in Manipur”, some videos where Army officers engaged with Kuki armed groups in a friendly manner and explosives made in India used by the AR or Army which “led to mistrust by Meitei community”.
The defence minister was urged to give necessary directions to the Assam Rifles and the Army to refrain from such activities. “The defence minister was apprised about the videos taken by security forces where Kuki armed men and women roaming in front of Security Forces that have created fear and anxiety among the Meitei people,” Cocomi stated. It added that the memorandum has sought replacement of Assam Rifles with “other responsible security force” as the “confidence in AR by Meitei has become very low.”
The delegation also mentioned that protest by Meiteis was dealt with lathi charge, rubber bullets, tear gas, and even live bullets being fired. However, the protest by Kukis was not dealt with the way they dispersed the Meiteis and “this has led to a sense of biased treatment and caused anxiety and fear among the Meitei public. It was requested to the defence minister that the AR and Army deal with both communities equally.”
Cocomi also demanded that “narco-terrorism and illegal immigrants need immediate attention and action should be taken up against them since they have violated ground rules of Suspension of Operations, all the poppy plantation be destroyed and action should be taken against those who are involved in this criminal act and the Suspension of Operations Agreement be abrogated.”

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