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Guwahati All Set For Vishwakarma Puja With Gusto | – Times of India

Guwahati: Vishwakarma puja fervour gripped the city and its residents on the eve of thefestival.
Several markets in the city including Ganeshguri, Panbazar and Fancy Bazar were filled with idols of Lord Vishwakarma, colourful decorative garlands, fruits and other items used in the rituals. Owners of motor garages, shops and other business establishments cleaned up their premises to welcome Lord Vishwakarma.
People were seen crowding the garages to get their vehicles repaired and cleaned on Sunday. Various shops and buildings in the city were decorated with colourful lights and garlands ahead of the puja.
In many places, pandals were also erected in front of the business establishments to perform the puja. People of different age groups grooved to drum beats while carrying the idols of Vishwakarma from the artisans to the pandals. Customers thronged the markets to buy various puja essentials.
However, a seller Utpal Kumar, in the Ulubari area, who came to Guwahati from lower Assam’s Rangia to sell items used in puja, expressed discontentment over the business. He told TOI, “The business is not that great. Customers complain about high prices. Due to the scarcity of flowers this season, the prices have gone high. We bought the garlands for Rs 40 each, so we had to sell them at Rs 60 to Rs 70 each. But the customers hesitate to pay that price.”
Apart from flower garlands, Utpal also bought fruits and decorative items for sale. He said, “Sugarcanes are being sold at Rs 40 each, while the pomelos for Rs 20 each. Decorative garlands of various shapes and sizes of varied prices are available, starting from Rs 40 and going up to Rs 300.”
Prantosh Roy, general secretary of the Guwahati Traders’ Association said compared to the loss they incurred during Covid, they are doing good business.
“During the Covid period, we could not do business at all. We missed the puja for three consecutive years, thus the traders incurred a heavy loss. Compared to that this year we have seen a good surge in the business.” Roy said.
Meanwhile, ahead of the puja preparations a shortage in city buses was witnessed in the city on Sunday evening which caused inconvenience to the commuters.
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Preparations in full swing for Vishwakarma Puja
Preparations are underway for Vishwakarma Puja in Patna, with factories, workshops, and stores getting ready for the celebration on September 17. Vishwakarma Puja is primarily observed in factories and industrial areas, with the day of worship marked by the engineering and architectural community, as well as artisans, craftsmen, mechanics, and other workers. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, with cleaning and oiling of machines, tools, and equipment, and prayers for a better future and success in their respective fields. Construction work will be suspended and commuting may be affected on the day.
Vishwakarma Puja 2023: Significance, messages, wishes and images
Vishwakarma Puja is a festival celebrated in India to honor Lord Vishwakarma, the divine architect. It is observed with devotion in workplaces and factories. The festival symbolizes innovation and excellence in craftsmanship. Preparations include cleaning and decorating workplaces and idols of Lord Vishwakarma. The day starts with rituals and the offering of flowers and fruits. Artisans showcase their creations. Messages and wishes include blessings for creativity, prosperity, and success. The festival is an opportunity to appreciate and acknowledge skills and creativity in various fields.
Patna gears up to celebrate Vishwakarma Puja today
Devotees will celebrate Vishwakarma Puja on Sunday to offer prayers to Lord Vishwakarma. Industries and individuals involved in construction and trade prepare for the occasion by cleaning and decorating their premises. People also celebrate the festival at home by washing their automobiles and offering flowers and sweets. A civil engineer, Vishnu Kumar, stated that workers and craftsmen eagerly wait for this occasion as they have blind faith in the blessings of Lord Vishwakarma.

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