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After intense four-day spell, Goa sees another bout of active rainfall | Goa News – Times of India

Panaji: After experiencing a relentless four-day deluge from September 19-22, the state witnessed another bout of active and widespread rainfall on Saturday. In this meteorological roller-coaster, the Mapusa rain gauge registered a notable 55mm of precipitation, while Sanguem received a modest 9.8 mm.
This latest downpour has brought a glimmer of hope to the Indian subcontinent as the country’s overall monsoon deficit has now shrunk to 6%. Within this improving scenario, only nine meteorological subdivisions remain deficient, contrasted by 23 with normal levels and four in excess.
What truly stands out in this monsoon saga is the presence of three active spells this month: September 7-9, 14-17, and 19-22. The only other active monsoon episode occurred during June 26-30.
Consequently, the core monsoon zone of the Indian subcontinent has been graced with active rainfall conditions even during the peak months of July and August this year.
Notably, the sole region maintaining a positive monsoon trend from June 1 until September 23 at 08.30am is the north-west India region. In stark contrast, the east and north-east regions continue to grapple with a substantial 18% rainfall deficit, while the central India region only exhibits a 1% shortfall.
When examining the atmospheric dynamics, the upper low-level jet stream has been characterised by relatively mild wind speeds, averaging a mere 10 knots between heights of 1,500 to 2,000 metres.

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