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Man Puts On Show 1,000 Ganesha Idols, Artefacts | Rajkot News – Times of India

Rajkot: At a time when lord Ganesha is busy on house calls for 10 days, here’s a Jamnagar man who can’t seem to get enough of Ganeshas around him!
Not just 1,000 statues of the lord at his home, Dilip Dhruv also has an uber-collection of artefacts connected to Ganesha especially. So, be it ‘musak ki savari’ to Ganesha riding a scooter or playing cricket, a visit to Dhruv’s house will leave everyone spellbound with his collection.
For the past 25 years, Dhruv, a 70-year-old retired banker and resident of Patel colony area in Jamnagar, has been collecting idols and articles and storing them in a room dedicated especially to Ganesha in his house. The aficionado has also prepared a special wooden frame in which he has carved Ganesha in various forms.
Talking to TOI Dhruv said, “I collect Ganesha idols and articles embossed with Ganesha images for over two decades now. My relatives and friends know about my hobby and everybody started gifting me idols and articles from wherever they travelled to, or even if they found something interesting locally.”
On the occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi, Dhruv wanted the public to enjoy his vast collection and thus, opened the doors to an exhibition at his residence. According to Dhruv, he has 1,000 Ganesha idols, which he collected from various countries like America, China, Japan and Britain. Besides, he has 250 keychains, around 300 articles of lord Ganesha like locks, keys, ballpen stand, paper weight, wall clocks, temple bells, posters, and conch among many other items.
He also collected articles on Lord Ganesha by prominent Gujarati writers like Tarak Mehta, Bakul Tripathi, Varsha Adalja, Vaju Kotak among others and published a compilation of those articles in book form. Dhruv also wrote a book about the deeper essence of the word ‘Morya’ — a salutation addressing Ganpati — after years of research and visiting several ashrams in Maharashtra.
We also published the following articles recently

Rakesh Roshan seeks blessings of Lord Ganesha, says “Ganesha idol is absolutely majestic”
Veteran actor Rakesh Roshan attended the Ganeshotsav celebrations and spoke about keeping Ganpati at his home. He also shared his experience of being part of the celebration and urged others to attend and seek blessings from Lord Ganesh. Roshan has acted in films like ‘Khubsoorat’ and ‘Kaamchor’ and has also directed movies like ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’ and ‘Karan Arjun’. Ganesh Chaturthi, a ten-day festival celebrating Lord Ganesh, started on Tuesday and is celebrated with fervor in Mumbai and Maharashtra. People bring Ganesh idols to their homes, observe fasts, and visit pandals during the festival.
Students exhibit Ganesha idols
Students of New Era Senior Secondary School and Anand Vidya Vihar in Vadodara crafted eco-friendly idols of Lord Ganesha for Ganesh Chaturthi. The initiative, called Bache Bole Morya, aimed to raise awareness about eco-friendly celebrations. The idols, made from clay and natural materials, were based on themes like Chandrayaan 3, ICC Cricket World Cup, and G20 Summit. The launch event included gifting idols to police personnel and faculty members, as well as dance and musical performances. In other cities like Bengaluru and Ludhiana, similar initiatives are being taken to promote eco-friendly celebrations. In Lucknow, artists are creating idols that sprout into plants when immersed.
Ganesha idols that give back to the nature
Lucknow locals are increasingly opting for eco-friendly idols of Lord Ganesh made from clay and seeds of flowering plants. Pankaj Gupta, a self-taught sculptor, creates these idols that, when immersed in soil or water, sprout into plants, ensuring the blessings of the deity remain in the form of colorful blooms. Other artists, such as Neeloy Pal and Sujit Paul, are also making eco-friendly idols. In addition, an NGO in Pune is collecting used clay to repurpose it and reduce the use of Plaster of Paris (PoP). The municipal commissioner of Nashik is urging residents to use eco-friendly idols to prevent polluting the Godavari river.

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