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Row over missing dog poster: Couple booked for assaulting man at Noida residential society | Noida News – Times of India

NOIDA: A couple has been charged by the police for allegedly assaulting a man at a high-rise building in Sector 75, Noida earlier this week.
The incident took place on September 20, stemming from a dispute over posters related to the woman’s missing pet dog. A video capturing the incident emerged on social media on Saturday.
According to the police, the woman had recently lost her pet dog within the AIIMS Golf Avenue Society in Sector 75.
In an attempt to locate her pet, she began putting up posters in the vicinity. However, a resident in the society, expressed concerns that the posters were damaging the freshly painted walls due to ongoing painting work. He requested her to cease putting up the posters and instead report her missing dog to the apartment owners’ association, leading to a verbal altercation.
The dispute was recorded in a video where the woman and the man can be seen engaged in a heated argument, with onlookers surrounding them. Initially, the disagreement does not appear to be intense. However, tensions escalate, and the woman becomes physically aggressive, attempting to slap the man and pulling his hair. More individuals gather to intervene, and at one point, the woman also tries to grab the man’s collar.
Assistant commissioner of police (ACP) Soumya Singh stated that the incident is currently under investigation. It has been alleged that the complainant is a member of a political party, but this has not been confirmed. Based on the complaint and available evidence, a non-cognizable report has been filed against both the woman and the man under section 151 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

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