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Kashi And Culture Are Two Facets Of The Same Powerful Energy: Modi | Varanasi News – Times of India

Varanasi: Formally inaugurating 16 Atal Residential Schools in the state from Varanasi on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Rs 1,100 crore had been spent on creating infrastructure for the children of poor and deprived sections of society, labourers and those who had lost their lives to Covid-19, to ensure that they were impacted world class, modern education.
Addressing a gathering at the closing ceremony of the Kashi Sansad Sankriti Mahotsav at the Rudraksh Convention Centre in Varanasi on Saturday, PM Modi emphasized the deep connection between Kashi and culture, describing them as two facets of the same powerful energy. He expressed his aspiration to spread the essence of Kashi worldwide.
“Kashi and culture are two names of the same source of energy. They cannot be separated. Kashi is the cultural capital of India where there is music in every street. It is natural for this to happen because this is the land of Natraja, from whom all dance forms have emerged. All music has emanated from Mahadev’s damru and all streams of thought have originated from Baba’s stream of thoughts,” he said. Varanasi had the proud tradition of classical music and also of folk songs. Where there was tabla, there was also the shehnai and sitar, sarangi and veena, he said. The PM highlighted that while India has made its mark on the global stage through events like the G-20 Summit, conversations about Kashi hold a special place. “Kashi’s service, food, rich culture, and enchanting music all made a lasting impression on every visitor who came for the G-20 Summit,” he added.
Launching the Sansad Khel Pratiyogita Portal on the occasion, the PM said that events like the Sansad Khel Pratiyogita and Sanskritik Mahotsav (Cultural Festival) mark the initiation of new traditions in Kashi.
The primary objective is to raise awareness about Kashi’s rich history, cultural heritage, vibrant festivals, and delicious cuisine, he said, expressing his desire for organising the Kashi Sansad Tourist Guide Competition.
During the inauguration of the 16 Atal Residential Schools in Uttar Pradesh, the Prime Minister underscored Banaras’ significant history as an educational hub. He emphasized that the city’s educational success can be attributed to its inclusive nature, welcoming students from every corner of India and the world. “I have been told that along with their course, the children will also be taught music, art, craft, computers, sports etc. Children of the poor sections of society can now get the best education possible. These children will be so well prepared at the end of their education that their families will not have to do labour, I am sure of that,” the PM said.
Praising Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the PM said that all the states of the country have enough money. “Those who only have elections in mind, only want to play vote games. See how they waste the money. Most states use the money for votes whereas see what Yogi ji did with the funds,” the PM said, praising the UP CM for the initiative to set up the schools.

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