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Obc Students Write Letter To Cm In Blood | Nagpur News – Times of India

Nagpur: Protesting OBC students on Saturday wrote a letter using blood as ‘ink’ to CM Eknath Shinde demanding hostels and exclusion of Marathas from Kunbi caste.
Members of Rashtriya OBC Vidyarthi OBC Mahasangh took the step to push for their demands.
On the 14th day of the OBC Mahasangh protests at Samvidhan Chowk, the students’ wing decided to lead the day’s agitation by taking this novel approach.
In the ongoing protests, multiple organizations of the OBC community are taking part. Rushabh Raut, Nilesh Kodhe, Vinod Hazare, Srikant Masmare, Rutika Dal Masmare, Shubham Waghmare, Ritesh Kadhav, Parag Wankhede, Yash Hazare, Raju Mohod, Khushi Irugkar, Khushboo Gharpure, Himashi Diyewar, Achal Pendam and Nayan Bhivagde were the students who wrote the letter.
We also published the following articles recently

Demanding their quota be kept intact, OBC Mahasangh to lead grand morcha in city today
The OBC Mahasangh and Sarva Shakhiya Kunbi OBC Andolan Kruti Samiti will lead a morcha to demand that Marathas be kept out of the OBC quota and that a representative from their community be included in the state panel studying the reservation issue. They also called for a caste-based census and a higher reservation for the OBC community. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis assured protesters that the Marathas will not disturb the OBC quota. The Marathas offered to jointly seek a quota hike with OBCs.
Reservation for Marathas will not affect OBC quota, Fadnavis assures protesters
Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has appealed to the OBC and Kunbi communities in Nagpur to end their hunger strike and assured them that their reservation would not be affected to accommodate the Maratha community. The OBC and Kunbi communities fear that the government may grant Marathas the status of Kunbi, which would affect their quota. Fadnavis stated that no injustice would be done to the OBC community and that measures suggested by a retired judge committee are being implemented.
RJD demands reservation for OBC women in new Bill
Rashtriya Janata Dal member Manoj Jha has demanded that women belonging to Other Backward Classes be included in the women’s reservation Bill. He suggested that the Bill should be sent to a select committee to incorporate OBCs, along with SC and STs. YSRCP member V Vijayasai Reddy also demanded reservation for women in the Upper House and state legislative councils. The new women’s reservation Bill seeks to guarantee 33% quota for women in Lok Sabha and state assemblies.

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