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‘political Science Will Never Lose Importance’ | Mangaluru News – Times of India

Mangaluru: Political science teachers should be able to give theoretical angle to the developments happening in society. Though over-specialization and compartments have created problems, inter-disciplinary approach can help us, said Jayaraj Amin, vice chancellor, (in-charge) Mangalore University.
He spoke after inaugurating a workshop on fifth and sixth semester NEP syllabus for BA, organized by Mangalore University Political Science Teachers’ Association (MUPSTA), department of political science of MU, Hampankatta, in association with IQAC and political science department of University College Mangalore, here on Saturday. He said students should study political science with sociology, economics and related subjects. Political science will never lose its importance due to its dynamic nature, he added.
Chief guest PL Dharma, chairman, department of PG studies and research in political science, MU said, “NEP- 2020 never imposes any ‘ism’ on us, instead, it encourages thinking. It’s time for teachers to learn again and upgrade themselves. A teacher should be creative and enthusiastic to creative enough to create interest among students. Never underestimate any student.” Ravindranathan P, assistant professor, department of geopolitics and international relations, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal said incidents like 9/11 attack, created an awareness about the importance of international relations.
“Now, cooperation between countries has been increased in fields like security, economic development, human rights, health, business, trade and so on Though nuclear tests shook international relations, gradually when many countries had nuclear bombs, it turned into a weapon of peace,” he said.
Jayavantha Nayak, head, department of economics, University College, Hampankatta, spoke about political economy and New Agricultural Policy 2000 in India.
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Nirmala Sitharaman: In women-related matters, we do not play any politics
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has expressed support for the Women’s Reservation Bill, which guarantees 33% quota for women in Lok Sabha and state assemblies. She rejected claims that the legislation was a political move and emphasized that it was an important step towards empowering women. Sitharaman also credited former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao for introducing 33% reservation for women in panchayat raj, which has since been increased to 50% by many states. The bill was recently cleared by the Lok Sabha. The implementation of the reservation will occur after the census and a delimitation exercise.
‘Few takers for core science subjects’
College principals in Kolkata have noticed a decline in interest for core subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, philosophy, and Sanskrit, while subjects like English, psychology, zoology, and commerce are in high demand. The shift in interest is attributed to students wanting to pursue courses with better job prospects. Principals also mentioned that additional seats under EWS category and students opting for technical or professional courses have contributed to the vacancies. Despite the lack of interest, colleges still have to offer and run these courses.
IMEC makes great political sense but is it economically viable?
Experts have praised the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) as an alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The route would transport goods from India to Europe through the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel. However, concerns have been raised about the project’s cost and its ability to compete with the proven and cost-efficient Suez Canal route. Additionally, the need for multiple loading and unloading points along the IMEC route could increase transport costs and risks. Experts argue that geopolitical projects should only be pursued if they are economically viable.

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