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YouTuber jumps Bengaluru Metro gate, BMRCL says will file criminal case | Bengaluru News – Times of India

BENGALURU: YouTuber and social media comedy star Fidias Panayiotou, whose popularity skyrocketed after he was hugged by billionaire Elon Musk, has come under the scanner of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited for having travelled on the city’s mass transit system without a ticket and bragging about it in a social media post.
Cyprus-based Fidias, who describes himself on his social media handle as a ‘professional mistake maker’ and has over 2.26 million subscribers for his YouTube channel, shared a video titled ‘How to sneak into the Indian Metro’.
Even as the video went viral, BMRCL managing director Anjum Parwez said: “I have seen the video of a person entering the platform without a ticket and travelling on the Metro. Such behaviour is not acceptable. I have asked the official concerned to file a criminal case against the person.” In the video clip, Fidias can be seen jumping over the turnstile (the gate that commuters have to clear before gaining access to the platform and also before exiting the station) — without tapping a smartcard or a token.
In fact, turnstile jumping is considered a crime in foreign countries.
Fidias’ act is said to be the first recorded case of turnstile jumping in Bengaluru Metro, which began operations in 2011. The video posted by Fidias shows him in a white T-shirt and blue shorts, walking into a Metro station, saying: “I will teach you how to get the metro in India for free.”
He turns to two commuters and asks: “Do you think I would get it free or not?” One replies in the negative, but Fidias moves on towards the paid area at the station, boasting: “I will try to prove him wrong.” On approaching the automated fare collection entry point, he jumps over the closed turnstile. When he meets the same commuter duo on the platform, he boasts of reaching the platform without a ticket. After getting off the train, he approaches the gate and yet again jumps over it. The video concludes with him saying: “I am out.”
Netizens divided
The video triggered mixed reactions on social media. While some laughed at it, many slammed Fidias for his act. “It is absolutely wrong and unethical. You should not really be doing this for content,” said one commuter. Some even tagged Bengaluru police and asked the authorities to crack down on Fidias, while others said the entire episode was staged to garner more ‘views’.

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