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7 Phones, Drugs Seized From Jail | – Times of India

Ludhiana: Police registered four separate cases against inmates after 7 mobile phones and 35 intoxicant tablets were seized from the Ludhiana central jail.
In the first case, assistant superintendent of jail Gagandeep Sharma, along with the jail staff, carried out checking on the jail premises on September 20 and seized two mobile phones from two inmates Ranjodh Singh and Jashanpreet Singh.
During a surprise checking on September 19, two mobile phones were seized from inmates Arun Kumar and Harvinder Singh.
In the third case, jail officials said that during a search carried out on the jail premises, the jail authorities found three abandoned mobile phones. They added that it was suspected that the mobile phones were abandoned by some inmate while the search operation was being carried out.
In another case, assistant superintendent of jail, Surinderpal Singh, said that during a search operation on Saturday, 35 intoxicating tablets were recovered from the possession of inmate Sanjay Kumar. tnn
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Guard, inmates kin behind phones in jail, say cops
A jail guard and a relative of an inmate have been identified as the culprits behind the smuggling of cellphones into Yerawada Central Prison in Pune. The guard procured new phones using fake identities, while the relative would contact the guard to obtain the phones for monetary gain. The guard would then deliver the phones to inmates. The smuggling was discovered during an investigation that led to the recovery of the smuggled phones and traced SIM cards. The guard took advantage of lax security at the prison entrance.
Literacy lessons for jail inmates
A special literacy program has been introduced at Madurai central prison in India, aimed at providing basic literacy and numeracy skills to inmates. The six-month program, launched by the directorate of non-formal and adult education and prison department, will benefit 77 inmates, including 30 women. The initiative hopes to equip prisoners with essential skills to lead a better life after their release. In addition, the government of Odisha has launched a campaign to test and screen inmates in prisons and closed settings for STI, HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C.
4 jail warders injured in clash with inmates
Four warders at the Coimbatore Central prison in India were injured in a clash with a group of seven remand prisoners. The prisoners assaulted the warders after two of them were moved to another block. The warders retaliated by lathi-charging the inmates, who then climbed trees and inflicted injuries on themselves with razors. The prisoners accused the warders of injuring them. The injured warders were taken to the hospital while the inmates were treated in the prison hospital. A police case has been registered against the inmates.

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