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No desilting of drains for 3 yrs, sewage flows on to streets here | Gurgaon News – Times of India

GURGAON: Stagnant sewage on roads and vacant plots has been a common sight in Sector 46 for the last two months, residents have alleged, claiming that there has been no effort by the MCG to resolve the issue.
Most of the sewer lines in the area are clogged, resulting in overflow from manholes in the sector, they said. Residents also pointed out that sewage overflow is a recurring problem in the area as the civic body hasn’t carried out any desilting work for the last three years. Harish Miglani, a resident, said that they have been struggling to fix overflowing sewers outside their home for the last one month.
“This has become a perennial problem for the last few years. Now, there are frequent episodes of sewwerline overflow. Till date, MCG has neither been able to provide a temporary solution nor does it have a per – manent remedy for it. We are forced to restrict our chil – dren from going out to play and also have to keep our doors and windows shut to avoid the stench emanating from the overflowing sewer lines” he said.
Due to continuous over flow of sewage, motorists as well as pedestrians are having a hard time. They are forced to wade through dirty water on roads. With no attempt to address overflowing sewage by the civic body, the residents are concerned about the risk of vectorborne diseases. Rajkumar Yadav, RWA president of Sector 46, said that they have been getting complaints from residents regularly but feel helpless.
“It’s a poor state of civic affairs in the city despite being the highest revenue generator. All our complaints have fallen on deaf ears and now the officials are not even responding. The entire sector has turned into a slum and it is not possible to live in such horrible conditions,” he said. When contacted, a senior MCG official said that the matter was not in his knowledge yet. “However, I will direct the concerned official to check the complaint and do the needful.”

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