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Man attempts to kill daughter before police in Karnataka – Times of India

MANGALURU: In a shocking incident, a man allegedly attempted to harm his own children, including his 1.5 year-old daughter. The incident reportedly occurred at around 2.10 am on Sunday.
A distressed woman arrived at the Mangaluru East police station, accusing her husband of engaging in a heated argument with her and threatening to harm their children, even suggesting he might set them ablaze. She shared that he had advanced towards her aggressively, prompting her to escape and seek assistance at the police station. Unfortunately, the children remained at home during this ordeal.
In response, the police promptly contacted the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) at 112. The on-duty police officers quickly arrived at the scene and brought the accused Mahesh, along with his two children—a six-year-old boy and a one-and-a-half-year-old girl—to the police station.
Mahesh informed the police that his wife had allegedly assaulted him. When advised to file a formal complaint, he threatened not to spare anyone. Disturbingly, he forcefully dragged the children outside the police station. During this tumultuous incident, PSI Prathiba, who was on night rounds, was called to the police station.
As the accused’s wife stepped onto the police station veranda, Mahesh began shouting and menacingly threatened to harm his daughter. He treated the child roughly and even threw the little one to the ground, causing the child to sustain injuries to the neck and head and prompting loud screams of distress.
With PSI Prathiba arrived, the boy and his mother were rushed to the hospital. It was Head Constable Sharath Kumar who came to the child’s rescue. A case has been registered against Mahesh for his alleged actions.

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