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Mangaluru Public Request Better Facilities And Security For Women | – Times of India

Mangaluru: The public urged district minister Dinesh Gundurao to provide better facilities for women and demanded action to enhance security. An association of women vegetable growers and vendors urged the district minister at the Janata Darshan held at the Kudmul Ranga Rao Town Hall, on Monday, to ensure that proper facilities are provided in the city to sell their produce.
Rita Noronha, director of the Centre for Development Studies and Education, said that before the markets were built, the small and marginal farmers living around Mangaluru used to sell their produce in different parts of the city. Later, when the markets were built, they were provided open space in the middle of the markets. Such a facility was available even at the Central Market. However, this farmer-friendly system was diluted as vested interests took control over the markets.
Noronha urged the authorities to provide a facility for small and marginal farmers to sell their produce in the Central Market. Until then, she said a temporary facility should be made to help them sell their produce. She also sought all facilities at the hawking zone.
Meanwhile, Swaraksha For Women Trust, which trains students and women in self-defence urged the minister to provide funds under the Skill Development Programme to continue their life-saving workshop. Karthik S Kateel, the founder, said that since its inception, the trust has trained more than 1,92,000 students and women in self-defence through more than 1,000 workshops. In the two-hour-long training, the women are taught tricks and techniques, which will save them from harassment and rape attempts, he said.
Chethan Bengre from the Karnataka Purse-Seine Meenugarara Sangha and Mangalore Trawl Boat Meenugarara Sangha urged the minister and district administration to take steps to install CCTV cameras and clear all the unauthorised shops at the harbour. The designated area should be marked for the parking of fish vehicles at the harbour, to prevent any inconvenience due to the movement of public vehicles.
He said the MCC should take immediate measures to ensure cleanliness at the harbour. The accumulation of unattended garbage has been causing inconvenience to the fishermen.
Additionally, the road that links the ferry point to the State Bank area is narrow and poses potential safety concerns for pedestrians. To address these issues, it is crucial for the police to enhance safety measures. This includes installing CCTV cameras to monitor the area and ensure the safety of people, particularly by preventing incidents of eve-teasing and misbehaviour towards women and girls.

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