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Five Injured As Crane Collapses | Vadodara News – Times of India

Vadodara: Five persons were injured when a crane used to immerse a Ganpati idol in a pond near Halol collapsed on Thursday.
The idols from Halol town are immersed in Vadatalav located near the town. A crane was roped in for the immersions. Idols were placed on a platform attached to the crane with straps and were then immersed by lowering the platform close to the water in the pond.
During the immersion, one of the four straps of the platform attached to the crane came off and the crane lost balance. The crane then fell on its side injuring five persons. TNN
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Baby ponds ignored, PoP idols immersed in Hyd lakes
Despite the revival of artificial ponds by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation for Ganesh idol immersion, idols continue to be immersed in lakes and water bodies across the city. Concerns persist about taller idols ending up in the lake due to the limited depth of the baby ponds. Environmentalists criticize the concept of shallow ponds and highlight the lack of awareness among the public. Similar initiatives have been taken in other cities like Berhampur, Surat, and Nagpur to provide artificial ponds for idol immersion.
Pit dug for immersing Ganesha idols closed
The Water Resources Department and the city corporation in Madurai, India, have started closing a pit in the Vaigai River that was used for immersing Ganesha idols during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. The pit posed a danger to residents, especially children, and attracted cattle due to the presence of coins and pooja items. Earth movers have been deployed to close the pit, with the work expected to be completed by Thursday. The city police had previously deployed officers to guard the pit. In other news, rail enthusiasts are concerned about the closure of a century-old pit line at the Ooty heritage station in India.
Two drown during idol immersion in Bapatla
Two individuals drowned while immersing Ganesh idols in Bapatla, Vijayawada. The victims, Vijay and Venkatesh, were residents of Netaji Nagar. They were attempting to immerse the idol in the Krishna river when they fell in and went missing. Despite efforts by their friends to rescue them, they were unsuccessful. Professional swimmers were called to retrieve the bodies, and they were taken to the government hospital in Repalle. The incident is believed to be due to a lack of precautions during the immersion process.

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