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12 Of 20 Water Atm Kiosks In City Turn Shelters For Homeless, Strays | Guwahati News – Times of India

Guwahati: Twelve out of 20 water ATMs which were installed in the city to ensure the availability of safe drinking water at public spaces at an affordable price, have turned into rest stations for stray animals and homeless people, owing to poor maintenance by the authorities concerned.
The ATMs have been non-functional for the last three to four years. They were installed for Rs 2.09 crore in the city in 2018 by the Guwahati Smart City Limited (GSCL).
A water ATM is an automated water-vending machine that dispenses drinking water when a coin or a note is inserted into it. The water ATMs dispense 250 ml of water for Re 1 and 1 litre for Rs 5, 5 litres for Rs 10 and 20 litres for Rs 25.
A total of 20 water ATMs were set up in various locations across the city.
Out of the 20 ATMs, only eight — three at GMCH, two at the zoo and one each at the cancer institute, Fancy Bazar and Gandhi Mandap are currently in working condition.
An official at GSCL, Jyotirmoy Sarma, said probably these 12 ATMs will be taken off the places as there is a funds crunch to reinstall those. “The ATMs have been completely damaged and are not in a repairable condition now. Parts of some of the ATMs were damaged and stolen during Covid. After installation, the ATMs were handed over to a Delhi-based private party, Swajal Water Private Limited, for operation and maintenance. The ATMs broke down because of poor maintenance. Later, the vendor’s contract was terminated and handed over to another party from Guwahati,” Sarma said.
He added although the ATMs were installed to provide chilled RO water to the people at a minimal cost, they failed to receive a good response from people even when the ATMs were in working condition.
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12 of 20 water ATM kiosks in Guwahati turn shelters for homeless, strays
Twelve out of 20 water ATMs in Guwahati, installed to provide safe drinking water at affordable prices, have become rest stations for stray animals and homeless people due to poor maintenance. The ATMs have been non-functional for the past three to four years, and the authorities are facing a fund crunch to reinstall them. The ATMs were initially operated by a Delhi-based private party but faced issues with maintenance. Even when the ATMs were functional, they did not receive a good response from the public.
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal asks DJB officials to expand water ATM project
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has instructed the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) to expand its water ATM project and install more tubewells to increase the city’s drinking water capacity. The DJB will conduct a survey of existing tubewells and install 400 more across the city to utilize groundwater. Kejriwal also called for the formation of a team to monitor the city’s lakes and instructed officials to speed up waste water treatment and prevent water wastage. He emphasized the need to prevent dirty water from entering the Yamuna river.
2 from Haryana held for robbing ATM
Two youngsters from Haryana escaped from police custody while being taken to court in Tirunelveli city. They were arrested for stealing from an ATM using forged cards. One of the suspects was caught hiding behind a college, while the other was found in Shanthi Nagar. They have been placed in judicial custody. In other news, a man from Haryana was arrested for stealing money from an ATM in Nashik, and several incidents of undertrials escaping from police custody have been reported. Additionally, Monu Manesar, wanted for his alleged involvement in violence and murders, will be brought back to Gurgaon for investigation.

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