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Boy Spends Grandpa’s 13 Lakh On Gaming | Vadodara News – Times of India

Vadodara: Investigations into a complaint of fraud in online banking to the tune of Rs 13 lakh from a senior citizen’s account led the Dahod police to his minor grandson. The grandson had spent the money on online gaming and buying of high-end mobile phones.
The complainant is a retired government official who noticed frequent withdrawals from his bank account, amounting to Rs 13 lakh recently. Knowing fully well that he had not spent the huge amount, the elderly man approached the cyber cell of the Dahod police which conducted an investigation into the matter.
Investigation led the cops to a quandary: It came to light that the purchases were made by the senior citizen’s own grandson! The money was being spent on online game to purchase points, a cricket kit and two mobile phones, which he kept at his friend’s home to avoid scrutiny.
Police spoke to the boy and he confessed of spending the money on his addiction. The grandson was addicted to gaming and even used his grandfather’s phone for the same purpose.
“The grandfather, however, did not want to register an offence,’’ said Dahod SP Dr Rajdeepsinh Jhala.
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A senior citizen in Dahod, India, discovered that Rs 13 lakh had been fraudulently withdrawn from his bank account. The investigation led the police to the man’s minor grandson, who had spent the money on online gaming and purchasing high-end mobile phones. The grandson confessed to the addiction and using his grandfather’s phone for gaming. The grandfather chose not to register a formal complaint.
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