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Kalyan BJP chief seeks CM’s intervention in dispute between MLA and party’s city president dispute | Thane News – Times of India

KALYAN: Amidst the ongoing exchange of allegations between BJP MLA Ganpat Gaikwad and Shiv Sena’s Kalyan (East) city president, Mahesh Gaikwad, in the Kalyan East assembly constituency, the newly-appointed BJP Kalyan district president, Nana Suryavanshi, has called upon chief minister Eknath Shinde to intervene and prevent further statements from the city president targeting the MLA.
During a media interaction in Kalyan on Saturday, Suryavanshi pointed out that Mahesh Gaikwad, representing Shiv Sena, has been criticizing the BJP MLA for not addressing issues that fall under the purview of the Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC).
It’s noteworthy that Shiv Sena has held power in the KDMC for the past 15 years. Suryavanshi emphasized that when the city president accuses the MLA in this manner, it is only natural for the MLA to respond to these allegations, and the entire party supports him in doing so.
Suryawanshi further conveyed, “To avoid ongoing disputes of this nature, I appeal to the Chief Minister and Kalyan Lok Sabha MP to instruct their city president.”
He added, “Such statements will not affect our party’s alliance, as minor differences like these are common within every political party.”
Suryavanshi alleged that BJP workers are dedicated to securing victory for the candidates chosen by the party’s senior leadership. When election time arrives, the party unites and vigorously supports the designated candidate.
Recent developments have seen both Mahesh Gaikwad and Ganpat Gaikwad openly trading accusations, holding each other responsible for the lack of civic progress in the city. This has raised questions about potential differences at the local level, despite the unity maintained at the senior leadership levels of both parties.
In response, Nana Suryavanshi has directly appealed for the Chief Minister’s intervention to address this ongoing debate.

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