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2 doctors, one of them an IAS officer, save baby on Ranchi-Delhi flight | India News – Times of India

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RANCHI: IAS officer Nitin Madan Kulkarni, a qualified medical professional, and another doctor helped save the life of a six-month-old baby, who was suffering from breathing issues on board a Ranchi-Delhi flight on Saturday. As the IndiGo flight soared to an altitude of 30,000ft, the air crew made an emergency announcement, seeking medical assistance from any doctor on board.
Kulkarni, who’s currently serving as principal secretary to the Jharkhand governor, and Md Firoze from Ranchi Sadar Hospital responded promptly to save the child. Kulkarni immediately began administering CPR. “I did what anyone in my position would have done. It’s a responsibility we all share as members of a society,” he said.
“This incident shows how important it is for everyone, irrespective of what profession he or she is in, to undergo CPR training,” Kulkarni added. The baby’s family is from Hazaribagh, and they were on their way to Delhi for the infant’s treatment. After the flight landed in Delhi, a medical team took the baby under their care and provided oxygen support.

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