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2 Held In Raid On Gutka Mfg Unit | – Times of India

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Kanpur: In a raid on a gutka manufacturing unit running in a house, police arrested two men and seized articles worth several lakhs of rupees, under the limits of Chakeri police station here, on Saturday. The gutka manufactured was meant to be sold illegally in packets of famous brands. The arrested were identified as Raghvendra Singh, resident of Sadh area of Ghatampur and Dharmendra Kumar, of Firozpur village of Fatehpur. The articles seized included raw material for manufacturing gutka, grinders and mixers. The raid was carried out by the police at a house in Ramapuram Shyamnagar locality. Police seized several packets of branded paan masala, tobacco and 34 kg unpacked paan masala. “The accused have been booked under IPC section 420 and section 63 of the Copyright act,” stated a communique issued by the Commissioner of Police office. tnn
We also published the following articles recently

Ban on gutka, pan masala extended by a year
The ban on gutka and pan masala containing nicotine has been extended by the state government of Gujarat for another year, starting from September 13, 2023. This extension is in accordance with the Food Safety Standards Act, 2006. The ban aims to ensure the safety and quality of food products sold in the state.
Two shops sealed for selling gutka
The food safety and drug administration department in Trichy has sealed two shops for selling banned gutka products. The inspections revealed that the shops were involved in the illegal sale of gutka and pan masala. This is not the first time these shops have been caught selling banned products. The department has issued an emergency prohibitory order to seal the shops and has also caught the owner of one of the shops who was selling gutka items through his bike. The department has urged the public to report any sale of banned gutka.
Police seize 27 hookahs during night raid in Pkl
Three teams of the Panchkula police conducted raids on hookah bars, seizing 27 hookahs and registering three FIRs. This crackdown on hookah bars comes as the Karnataka government plans to ban hookah bars across the state and raise the age limit for purchasing tobacco products to 21 years. Doctors have claimed that smoking hookah for 30-45 minutes is equivalent to smoking 100 to 150 cigarettes. The government also plans to expand the ban on the sale of tobacco products near educational, religious, health services, and government institutions.

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