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Monsoon retreating, sporadic rain likely in UP | Lucknow News – Times of India

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LUCKNOW: The southwest monsoon started retreating from Uttar Pradesh on Saturday and its complete withdrawal is expected in the next seven days.
Some parts of east UP, including Lucknow, are likely to receive light rain before the complete withdrawal of monsoon. According to state met department, the rainfall in UP in the four monsoon months (from June 1 to September 30) has been 17% below normal. The average per district rainfall has been 619.3 mm against the normal 746.2 mm. The situation in west UP, comprising 33 met districts, was better with 3% above normal rain. Against the normal 672.3mm, the average per district rainfall in west UP was 694.5 mm.
In Lucknow, the rain score was almost normal. The city received 639 mm rainfall in four months, which was 6% below normal (683.2mm).
East UP, comprising 42 met districts, received deficient rainfall, an average of 566.8 mm per district against the normal 799.2 mm (29% below normal). Of the total 75 districts in the state, only 16 (14 in the west and 2 in east) recorded above-normal rainfall. In met terminology, 19% above and below normal rainfall is considered to be normal. On this parameter, there were 17 borderline districts that recorded rainfall up to 19% below normal and four that received up to 19% above normal. The top three wettest districts were Etah (+83), Barabanki (+53) and Badaun (+50), while the driest places were Bhadohi (-80), Chandauli (-71), and Kushinagar and Mau (both -64).
“The normal date of monsoon retreat from UP is October 4. However, it will take at least a week for complete withdrawal. Conditions are favourable for light rainfall in some parts of east UP from Monday for next 2-3 days. Lucknow may also get light showers during this period,” said Mohammad Danish, senior scientist at the state met department.

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