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Phed Completes Repair Work In 7 Hours, Supply From Today | Jaipur News – Times of India

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Jaipur: The ripple effect of the 12-hour Bisalpur shutdown on Saturday will not be felt much on Sunday as the engineers and workers of the Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED) managed to restore services within seven hours on Saturday.
“Around 3.45 pm on Saturday we had completed our work. The leakage had taken place somewhere around 49km from Surajpura towards Jaipur. In 2022 there was a similar leakage at the same spot. It took around 36 hours to repair the leakage at that time,” said Satish Jain, superintendent engineer (project) of PHED.
The engineers had started Bisalpur service on Saturday afternoon itself and it would take around 10 to 12 hours for the water to reach the Balawala pumphouse in Sanganer. From there it would get distributed to the storage houses at different corners of the city and from there to the households. So, a few areas of the city would start getting water from Sunday late afternoon or evening at the households.
Engineers claimed that it means morning service in Jaipur is still likely to be affected at several localities of Jaipur. But many localities would start getting usual water supply from Sunday afternoon itself.
“We had kept alternative arrangements like tankers and tubewells ready. But, frankly speaking, the arrangement is too mere compare to the demand. It advisable that residents use water wisely,” another PHED engineer signed off.
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Jaipur to face water shortage today as Bisalpur supply to be shut for 12 hours
The Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED) officials in Jaipur will shut down water supply from the Bisalpur dam for 12 hours to repair a leakage in the main pipeline. The shutdown will affect water supply in most areas of the city and along the Bisalpur pipeline route. The PHED officials have decided on a 12-hour shutdown to fix the small leakage, which could potentially cause serious problems if left unaddressed. As a result, most places in Jaipur will face water shortage on Saturday and some areas on Sunday morning.
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