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Plan To Introduce E-summon System For Road Rule Violators | Bhubaneswar News – Times of India

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Bhubaneswar: The state government is planning to introduce a e-summon system to do away with the manual practice by courts to despatch summons by post to traffic rule violators.
In the proposed system, traffic violators who have not deposited e-challan fines would receive court notices on their mobile phones instead of summons by letters. As per the current procedure, e-challans and prosecution reports against vehicles are sent to courts in the capital and in other places after the offenders fail to deposit fines within a stipulated time.
“We have requested courts to adopt the e-summon practice. Physical despatch of summons to traffic violators takes a longer time. Since mobile numbers of vehicle owners have been linked to their registration numbers, e-summons can be sent to their phones directly,” state transport commissioner Amitabh Thakur told TOI.
Sources in the transport department said even though more than 4 lakh e-challans are normally issued to various traffic rule violators in a year in the state, the disposal rate is only about 27%.
The Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety (SCCoRS) recently proposed the state government to explore the feasibility of collecting fines from traffic violators directly from their bank accounts if they fail to deposit the money within a stipulated time.
“A large number of e-challans are still pending in different courts in the state. In many cases, the summons sent by courts did not reach the offenders owing to incorrect or changed addresses,” a traffic police officer said.
The city police said they would soon start a special drive against e-challan defaulters. “We will seize their bikes and ask them to clear the fines. If they fail, we will send prosecution reports against them to court. They will have to get their vehicles released from court,” a police officer said.
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