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‘science Is All About Doubts, Mythology About Trust & Faith’ | Bhubaneswar News – Times of India

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Bhubaneswar: Science is all about doubts, questioning the existence of things, while mythology is all about trust, faith and a belief system of things, mythologist and author Devdutt Pattanaik said here on Saturday.
Addressing a talk at a city-based private school, Pattanaik said when one doubts, one discovers things but when one trusts, one creates new things. “Science and mythology are two opposite things. There is no hierarchy between them. When you doubt, you debate, and when you trust, you create,” he said.
Pattanaik said that everyone has their own belief system. “The Egyptians had a different belief system, hence they created pyramids. Similarly, the Mughals had their belief system, hence they created the Taj Mahal,” he said while explaining about subjective and objective truth.
He further said, “If you ask a scientist what to eat, they would say carbohydrates, fats and protein, which is an objective truth. But if you ask in which form and methods one must eat, scientists will stop giving their opinions. Here the subjective truth will come into being.”
“In China, they would say eat noodles and use chopsticks which is a scientifically proven form and method for them. But when you go to Europe or America, they would say eat bread and use cutlery. In India, they would say eat rice and use fingers. The subjective truth changes in this manner,” he added.
Pattanaik said that in the journey of life, a happy and relaxed mind is the compass that guides one towards a brighter future. “For students, cultivating happiness is not just a luxury, but a necessity to inculcate. It is backed by mythology and not science since it is subjective,” he said.
The author said mythology with its timeless stories and wisdom, served as a reservoir of life’s lessons and offered profound insights on how to navigate the complexities of existence. He said it is divided by the ‘vigyan ka sach” (science of truth) and “vishwas ka sach” (truth of trust).
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