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Shivajinagar got significant rainfall in September, says weather expert | Pune News – Times of India

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PUNE: Weather expert Vineet Kumar Singh said in September 2023, Shivajinagar in Pune experienced a significant amount of rainfall, totaling 165.7mm. This made September 2023 the rainiest month of the year in Pune. In the broader context of the entire rainy season, Pune received a total of 446.2mm of rainfall. Comparing this to the previous two years, 2022 saw 232mm of rainfall in September, while 2021 had 83.6mm. In terms of the number of rainy days, 2023 had 44 rainy days in Shivajinagar, slightly less than 48 in 2022 and 42 in 2021.
“Overall, when looking at the cumulative monsoon rainfall for Pune Shivajinagar, 2021 had 469.7mm, 2022 received 817.4mm and 2023 recorded 446.2mm of rainfall,” he said. TNN

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