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Power Tariff Hike Not For All Users: Hbs | Guwahati News – Times of India

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Guwahati: Electricity consumers in the state will have to pay 30 paise per unit unto 300 units a month with effect from October, as per a notice issued by the Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL), even as CM Himanta Biswa Sarma clarified that the power tariff has not been increased for domestic consumers upto 300 units a month.
Sarma on Sunday said, “There was a wrong news about the increase in electricity tariff. There is no increase in electricity tariff for domestic consumers upto 300 units a month. However, 20 paise has been levied on consumers above 300 units upto 500 units a month. There has been an increase for consumers above 500 units a month and commercial consumers. But there is no such increase for consumers upto 300 units a month.”
According to the notice issued by APDCL on Friday, 30 paise per unit will be levied on domestic consumers unto 300 units a month as Fuel and Power Purchase Price Adjustment (FPPPA) charge while 50 paise/ unit for those consuming 300-500 units a month, Rs 1.29 per unit for consumers with above 500 units a month besides commercial users.
Increase or decrease of FPPPA charge on electricity depends on the prices of gas and coal, which are required for electricity generation.
Meanwhile, Assam president of Congress Bhupen Borah slammed the BJP-led government over the hike in power tariff and said if Congress forms the government next year, it will give 200 units of free electricity to the people.
He said, “We have a government in Karnataka. We don’t have a double-engine government like in Assam. The single-engine government has given 200 units of free electricity to the people in Karnataka, keeping its poll promise. People of Assam are paying high electricity tariff at a time when there is a BJP government both at the Centre and in the state.”
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Madurai industrial consumers protest electricity tariff hike
Members of the Tamil Nadu Industrial Electricity Consumers Federation (MADITSSIA) held a one-day strike and observed a fast in Madurai to demand the revocation of the electricity tariff hike. The protesters called for a fixed rate for LT-3-B tariff electricity consumers, the removal of peak hour charges, and the cancellation of solar network charges. They also urged the government to consider the welfare of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and halt multi-year tariff hikes.
Grievance meeting for electricity consumers
Tangedco is holding a grievance meeting for consumers in Chennai. The Madurai city police recently organized a similar meeting and received 318 petitions. The Trichy officials had to cancel their weekly meeting due to their attendance at a conclave. In Lucknow, government officials are required to attend a monthly grievance redressal camp. The Trichy meeting will resume next week.
Ambad power consumers may face outages for 2 months
Residents, businesses, and industries in the Ambad area of Nashik may face power interruptions for up to two months due to a technical issue with the substation. The new gas insulated substation developed a snag, causing power interruptions of over three hours daily. Alternative arrangements are being made, but the existing supply lines are unable to handle the load, resulting in frequent tripping. The issue started when an underground cable was hit by an earthmover, causing a short circuit and damaging power feeders. The component required to fix the substation will take at least two months to arrive from Germany.

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