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Process Of Lowering Of Fourth Tbm Done Successfully | Kanpur News – Times of India

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Kanpur: The process of lowering of the fourth Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) in the Corridor number-1 (IIT-Kanpur to Naubasta) of the Kanpur Metro Rail Project has been successfully done. This TBM machine will construct a 1250-metre (approx.) long tunnel on the ‘downline’ from Kanpur Central to Nayaganj.
For tunnel construction on the ‘up-line’ in the said section, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) has already lowered all the parts of the third Tunnel Boring Machine and positioned them at the fixed location for tunnel construction.
The ‘middle shield’ of this TBM was lowered into a launching shaft approximately 18 metres deep, 21 metres long and 25 metres wide. In the coming days, parts of the machine like the front shield, tail shield, cutter head, screw conveyor etc. will be lowered into the launching shaft one by one, and after this, all the parts of the TBM will be aligned in the shaft and mechanical components and wires will be connected to complete the machine. In the 4.24 km (approx.) long Kanpur Central-Transport Nagar underground section, two TBMs will first construct a 1250 metre (approx.) long tunnel from Kanpur Central to Nayaganj on ‘Up-line’ and ‘Down-line’ after which tunnelling will be done in the remaining parts of this section.
The two TBMs—‘Nana’ and ‘Tatya’ are already carrying out tunnel construction work on the approximately four km long Chunniganj-Nayaganj underground section. With the launch of two new TBM machines in the Kanpur Central-Transport Nagar underground section, the total number of TBMs engaged in tunnel construction in Corridor-1 (IIT-Naubasta) will reach four.
Under the Chunniganj-Nayaganj underground section, construction work of around 1025 metre tunnel between Bada Chauraha and Nayaganj and around 750 metre tunnel between Chunniganj and Naveen Market has already been completed by ‘Nana’ and ‘Tatya’ TBMs.
‘Nana’ TBM has also completed the construction work of around 510 metre-long tunnel between Naveen Market and Bada Chauraha. Currently, under the 23.78 km long Corridor-1 (IIT-Naubasta) of Kanpur Metro, commercial services are operational on the nine km long Priority Corridor (IIT-Motijheel). Apart from the Chunniganj-Nayaganj and Kanpur Central-Transport Nagar underground sections, construction work is also progressing rapidly in the 5 km (approx.) long Baradevi-Naubasta elevated section.
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