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Barefoot turmeric farmer in Telangana’s Nizamabad ends 12-year Satyagraha, wears footwear after PM Modi announces National Turmeric Board | Hyderabad News – Times of India

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HYDERABAD: Muthyala Manohar Reddy of Armoor in Nizamabad wore his footwear for the first time in 12 years. When his efforts to convince the government to set up a Turmeric Board for the benefit of thousands of turmeric farmers failed, he came up with his own style of ‘Satyagraha’.
On November 4, 2011, despite resistance from his family, relatives, friends and well-wishers, he announced that he would never wear footwear again. He would do so only if and when the government realizes the problems of turmeric farmers and set up a Turmeric Board.
The 71-year-old Muthyala Manohar Reddy has now started wearing footwear. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement at a public meeting he addressed in Mahbubnagar on October 1, Manohar Reddy, for the first time, wore his chappal.
At the market yard in Nizamabad, turmeric farmers and BJP leaders felicitated him. They bought him a new pair of chappal and made him wear them.
“I myself was a turmeric farmer. I later became the sarpanch of Palem village where I hail from. I saw how turmeric farmers were suffering as they were not getting remunerative prices for their produce and decided to take up the cause,” he told TOI on Monday.
He said though he began to voice his concern since 2006 and began his agitation, he saw that he was not able to impress upon leaders the need to come to the rescue of turmeric farmers.
“The only way I could think of bringing attention to the notice of the authorities to solve the problems of turmeric farmers was that I go barefoot,” Manohar Reddy said.
He has been assisting and advising farmers and being of help to them through his activities but Monday was a big day. Along with many other farmers, he intends to attend Prime Minister Narendar Modi’s public meeting in Nizamabad on October 3.
Manohar Reddy said turmeric farmers were getting less than the investment they were making as they were not getting remunerative prices. “The Turmeric Board will now look into all our issues,” he said.

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