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Dhanbad Commuters Wade Through Inundated Road, Dams Water Recede | Ranchi News – Times of India

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Dhanbad: The four-lane Dhaiya-Barwadda Road near Ranibandh in Dhaiya locality of the district remained under water for the third consecutive day on Monday.
Water has entered the houses located in the low-lying areas of Mallick Basti, Lahbani Basti, and nearby hamlets. Commuters continued to wade through knee-deep water, trucks and auto rickshaws broke down and had to be pulled out using JCBs.
Water-logging on the stretch has become a perennial problem as the road lacks drainage facility. The road is flanked by high-level areas on all sides, including the Ranibandh pond on one side. The problem has also aggravated because the road construction division has blocked one side of the road to raise the level of the road. DC Varun Ranjan said the district administration formed a committee to strategise permanent solutions for the problem.
Meanwhile, the water levels in Maithon and Panchet dams of the Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) have receded to normal levels.
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Water level at Narmada dam rises again
The water level in the Sardar Sarovar Dam in Vadodara, India is rising again, reaching 137.96 meters due to continuous inflow of water. This has put nearby villages on alert following recent floods. The Krishnagiri Reservoir Project (KRP) dam in Bharuch has also reached maximum capacity, prompting a flood alert. The Ukai dam in Surat is just one foot away from its full reservoir level. Congress leader Jay Narayan Vyas criticized the mismanagement of water release from the Sardar Sarovar dam, while the SSNNL claimed effective water management prevented losses downstream.
Patratu dam water level nears danger mark
The water level of the Patratu dam in Ramgarh district in India has risen close to the danger mark due to heavy rain. The dam authorities have issued a flood alert and are closely monitoring the situation. Water levels in the Damodar and Bhairvi rivers have also increased, prompting the temple managing committee to make alert announcements. In other parts of India, the Narmada dam has seen a rise in water levels, while the Ukai dam is nearing its full reservoir level. The Opa barrage gates were opened to release excess storage as the River Khandepar levels rose in Ponda.
Cajugotto cut off as water erases its only road
The recent heavy rain in Goa has caused a road to be breached, leaving the village of Cajugotto completely cut off. The makeshift road that was the only access to the tribal hamlet has been washed away, leaving the 100 residents stranded. Children are particularly affected, as they have to trek 6km to reach the nearest high school. The Minister for Social Welfare has visited the site and instructed repairs to be made immediately. The village is also lacking a primary healthcare facility, with the nearest being 25km away.

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