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Noida 2.0: Locals won’t be displaced but handed jobs in industrial sectors | Noida News – Times of India

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NOIDA: The master plan for the next 20 years for the Dadri-Noida-Ghaziabad Investment Region (DNGIR) has proposed a “no relocation policy” for the area’s existing population.
Unlike most other projects, the rural communities will not be displaced but absorbed in the industries and other sectors that come up there, the master plan 2041 for DNGIR has said.

DNGIR – or Noida 2.0 – is being planned as an extension of the NCR city as it runs out of space to host industries.
“The focus is on integrating abadi plots with the development that will take place there. We are looking at improving the quality of life. The plan offers to create ample job opportunities for the local population, particularly farmers, through the development of industries that focus on food production,” an official said.
According to an estimate mentioned in the master plan, the population in Noida 2 is projected to grow from 1.5 lakh in 2011 to 6.3 lakh by 2041. At least 40% of this population will be engaged in the industrial and service sectors, the plan proposes.
Spanning 20,911 hectares, Noida 2 will include 84 villages of Gautam Budh Nagar and Bulandshahr districts. Around 40% of the land has been set aside for industry and 17% for residential development.
The region’s development will be bolstered by its proximity to the Noida international airport, the Yamuna Expressway and other key infrastructure projects such as the logistics and multi-modal transport hub.
“Once developed, around 6.5 lakh people are likely to live here. Around 40% of the population will be part of the workforce in Noida 2. Of them, 65% are likely to work in the industries and the remaining 35% in the services sector,” the official said.
Since much of the supporting population will comprise industrial workers, there is also a plan for developing affordable houses.
Noida 2 will unfold in five phases. Work on the first phase is scheduled to start next year – with the direct acquisition of 1,433 hectares – and be completed by 2028. This stage will focus mainly on the basic development of the area, such as arterial roads. The subsequent phases will be developed between late 2028 and 2047, incorporating development in the northern and southern sides. Commercial hubs and industrial areas along the eastern peripheral railway line are likely to come up in these phases. Residential areas will also be developed then.

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