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MSU Team Designs Adjustable Furniture for Classroom Needs | Vadodara News – Times of India

Vadodara: A team of innovators of M S University has received a design patent for developing adjustable table and chair set for classrooms keeping in mind problems faced by students.
The team of four researchers – assistant professors Sarjoo Patel, Rutu Modi and Rakhi Dasgupta, and MSc student Shruti Chaudhari – from Faculty of Family and Community Sciences has bagged the design patent from the Patent Office of Government of India.
“The furniture that we have designed is adjustable and adapts to different personalities, ages and work patterns. It solves the problems that students face with the existing set of furniture,” said Patel from the Department of Family and Community Resource Management.
“The adjustable table is designed to ensure that students are sitting correctly while working for their practical classes. It includes two types of adjustments — one for their height and the other one for angle,” she said.
“The chair is designed with ergonomic dimension consideration with the correct back support and also includes a two-inch cushion that allows for optimum lower body support,” she said.
The adjustable table is made of three different materials. “The topmost layer is made of 12 mm plywood with a final finish of laminate. Further, the box and the legs are made of sagwan wood with a final finish of wood polish. The mechanism on which the table works is made up of stainless-steel material,” the researchers said.
The chair is made of sagwan wood with a final finish of wood polish. The chair has cushioned seat.
“The cushion too is made of 12mm plywood with two inch of foam covered with navy blue coloured rexin. The cushioned seat is then attached to the chair with the help of clamps,” she added.
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