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Researchers examine efficacy of kala-azar therapy regimens in India – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Researchers have evaluated the efficacy of current therapy regimens for the neglected tropical disease, Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL), and published their findings in The Lancet Regional Health-Southeast Asia journal. The researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 131 studies aimed at quantifying the proportion of relapses observed at and beyond 6-months using the University of Oxford‘s […]

Science award for young Cameroonian women’s work on herbal medicine – Times of India

YAOUNDE: In Cameroon’s rural north, very few girls go on to enjoy careers in science. Sabine Adeline Fanta Yadang, a neuroscience doctor, and Hadidjatou Dairou, PhD student of cellular physiology, have overcome prejudice and smashed through the glass ceiling. They have been recognised for the quality of their research, along with 28 others from sub-Saharan […]

Beyond Milky Way: First-ever extragalactic stellar disk orbiting a star discovered in distant galaxy – Times of India

In a groundbreaking astronomical revelation, scientists have identified compelling evidence of an extended disk composed of dust and gas, swirling in orbit around a distant star, reported Science Alert. What sets this discovery apart is not the typicality of such phenomena in the developmental stages of stars and planetary systems, but rather its unprecedented occurrence […]

Climate change is already forcing lizards, insects and other species to evolve – Times of India

Climate change is threatening the survival of plants and animals around the globe as temperatures rise and habitats change.Some specieshave been able to meet the challenge with rapid evolutionary adaptation and other changes in behavior or physiology. Dark-colored dragonflies are getting paler in order to reduce the amount of heat they absorb from the sun.Mustard […]

Corporate advocacy on Carbon Capture at odds with scientific consensus, InfluenceMap Study Reveals – Times of India

Over 80% of corporate engagement in Carbon Capture contradicts climate science.In a groundbreaking study released on Sunday, InfluenceMap, a non-profit think tank dedicated to providing objective analysis on the environmental impact of companies and financial institutions, sheds light on concerning disparities between corporate advocacy on carboncapture and established scientific principles.The comprehensive analysis scrutinized more than […]

Chinese scientists develop jab to treat autism: Report – Times of India

NEW DELHI: In what could be a major breakthrough in the field of medical science, Chinese scientists have created the first injection that can reverse autism symptoms through genetic base editing within the brain, reported the South China Morning Post.The Shanghai-based researchers have found positive results from the test conducted on mice.The researchers reportedly developed […]

US, UK, Australia defense chiefs tout deep space radar, AI in joint deal – Times of India

MOUNTAIN VIEW: The defense chiefs of the United States, Australia and Britain met in California on Friday, touting high-tech co-operation on deep space radar, AI and quantum computing systems aimed at bolstering their armed forces in the face of growing global threats, including from China.The three men huddled in Silicon Valley — the heart of […]

Penguins take thousands of naps every day, each about a few seconds long – Times of India

Penguins are champion power nappers. Over the course of a single day, they fall asleep thousands of times, each bout a few seconds long, a new study has found. Although animals have a wide range of sleeping styles, penguins easily take the record for fragmented sleeping. “It’s really unusual,” said Paul-Antoine Libourel, a neuroscientist at […]